Dr. Saifullah Khan Education Trust, Baramati

Dr. Saifullah Khan Education Trust is a Islamic Institute(Alhe Sunnah Wal Jamah) to Empower Minority Muslims, Specially Orphans & Financially Weak Children

Asalamu Alekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barkatu, This All Started When Trustee Janab AzamBhai Saifullah Khan a Retired Ent Visited Many Madarsa And Found Most of Madarsa Children are not Getting Proper Guidance, Children Suffering from Various Disease due to Un-hygiene Atmosphere, Children are Treated Like Slaves to Bring Pan & Cigarettes., IN SHA ALLAH O KAREEM Our Vision & Mission is to Guide Muslims Children About Islamic Knowledge, Help & Guide them to Pronounce & Memorise Quran Sharif Under Guidance of Alhe Sunnah Wal Jamah Scholars aka Alim e Deen & to take care of their Daily Needs(Including Foods, Clothes, Shelter, Hygiene Needs & Quarterly Medical Check Up) Alim e Deen will be Under Supervision of Qadri silsila With the Blessings of Alaa Hazrat Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan Rehmatullah alehi & This All Can Happen with Your Support & Blessings, Government of Maharashtra Registration# 997/2017, We Bank With Bank of Maharashtra Account# 60290264361, IFC MAHB0000160. We're Also Willing to Guide them with Basic Computer Knowledge, Spoken Language Training(Arabic, Urdu, English, Marathi & Hindi), Sunnah of Beloved Prophet, About Our Great Country and It's Contribution towards Muslims.

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)